The following three surveys are presented as samples of the types of surveys that can be conducted during a Relationship Centered Model assignment.

We would be more than pleased to discuss with you how we can customize and implement a relationship survey (Employee, Management Team, Client, Community) for your organization.

Surveys can be administered online or via the mail or telephone. In all cases, respondent confidentiality is ensured.

You are invited to utilize these sample surveys free of charge.

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Client Survey Sample

The purpose of this Client Survey is to assess the level of importance, use and satisfaction clients have with core products and services of the organization. The survey examines the respondent’s level of importance, utilization and satisfaction with the services provided by the organization. An analysis is performed on the results that compares client satisfaction with the organization between departments/divisions, as well as between regions. By conducting annual Client Surveys, the organization can track performance over time. The results of the survey establish strategic direction and service standards for the organization.

Employee Survey Sample

This sample Employee Survey focuses on what employees think about working for an organization in general, their opportunities for growth, communications, quality, customer service and safety.

Surveys are customized to the type of organization, and the issues that they are facing.

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