Relationship Centered Model Services

At Harley House Consultants Inc. we help our clients manage internal and external relationships with key stakeholder groups to ensure the long-term success and effectiveness of the organization.

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Audits and Evaluations

We conduct audits and evaluations of the organizations' relationships to determine:

  • Does the organization have a clear sense of who their key stakeholder groups are?
  • How do the various stakeholders perceive the organization, i.e., what is its image/reputation?
  • Does the organization have a clear sense of purpose, direction, coordination, as well as clear performance expectations for key stakeholder groups?
  • Is there a well-planned strategy and appropriate resources for dealing with key stakeholder groups?
  • How economical, efficient and effective are stakeholder programs and activities?


We develop and deliver customized training programs for organizations to improve the effectiveness of their dealings with key stakeholder groups. We also provide syndicated training programs for the following stakeholder groups:

  • Client Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Government Relations

Policy & Procedures

Policy and procedures ensure that the organization has processes in place to maximize the effectiveness of its various relationships. Customized Policy and Procedures Manuals provide guidelines, checklists and examples that are tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients. Each manual is drafted in a user-friendly format for ease of use and quick reference.


We employ a series of primary and secondary data tracking tools aimed at helping clients keep a finger on the pulse of what stakeholder groups are saying and thinking about the organization. We can develop and implement customized tools for clients, employ standard tools, or train staff on how to implement, analyze and report on ongoing tracking tools themselves. Examples of tools include:

  • Surveys
    • Employee
    • Management Team
    • Client
    • Community
  • Stakeholder Group Monitoring (government, community)
  • Media Monitoring and Analysis
  • Sales and Enquiry Tracking


We work with our clients and their management teams to ensure that their organizations are effectively adopting the Relationship Centered Model concept. This includes the provision of training services, providing guidance and assistance in the implementation of policies and procedures, attending management meetings and assisting in the development of management action plans to:

  • Establish relationship objectives
  • Successfully plan relationship activities
  • Identify roles, responsibilities, budgets and timeframes
  • Track the implementation and status of relationship activities

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